Yes folks, it’s true! The Grange are holding a Spring-time Easter Photo Competition!

So whip off those lens caps, dust off the tripod and get snapping at your pets in adorable poses all in the name for fame and prizes!

The Whys, Whats, Whens, Wheres, Whos and Hows of the Competition:


We’re looking for some beautiful pictures of your furry pals with a view to displaying them in our waiting rooms for all to see. You always see pictures of our pooches and felines on Facebook and Twitter: we think it’s your turn to show us your photography skills. Easter is the perfect excuse to see some truly great photos, especially with the lighter evenings.


Here’s a few points as to what we’re looking for in your photos:

  • We would like a photo of your pet(s). It must be your original photo, one that you own rights to. You can be in them if you like. They can be in Easter-themed get up, or maybe out on a lovely Springtime walk.
  • You can edit your photos to enhance colours/quality etc., but we don’t want photoshopping to the extent that you’ve superimposed yourself raising your cat high above Pride Rock.
  • We’d like the photos to be in a digital format to make it easier for submission and handling.
  • Only 1 photo per household for submission as well please!
  • Make sure the content is suitable for children – for all of those thinking about what Spring really means…

Whos and Hows

The photos will be judged via voting from all the staff in The Grange. We will be splitting up the competition into 3 categories with 4 winning photos:

  • Best Photo “In Show” (picked from all the photos in the competition)
  • Cat Best Photo (& runner up)
  • Dog Best Photo (& runner up)
  • Exotics Best Photo ( & runner up) (exotics includes rabbits, guniea pigs, reptiles and so on, so every pet is included!)

Wheres and Whens

When you’re ready to submit your photo please email it to with the following information:

  • Your full name and your pet’s name and breed
  • The first line of your address (to make sure we find you on our system)
  • A contact number
  • Your photo attached (we’re not fussed on file size, as long as it will travel via email)

The competition is live NOW and we will stop receiving entries at 00:00am Monday 17th April (Easter Monday). The judging will be held during that week, with the results published the following Friday.


For the “best photo in show” The Grange Vets team have decided they deserve a BIG EASTER BONANZA HAMPER full of treats and toys for the winning pet and human photographer. Easter eggs and other surprises are up for grabs for the winners of our other categories as well.

By submitting a photo you are consenting for the use of that photo and your pet’s name on our social media sites and to be printed off for displaying in our waiting rooms. We will NOT share or make public any of your personal details.

If you have any further questions about the competition then you can contact us via or contact the Mold branch on 01352 700087 and ask for Alex. Or pop a question on our Facebook page or Twitter, and we’ll endeavour to get back to you ASAP.