Grange Vets Ltd Terms and Conditions

Thank you for entrusting the care of your pet to Grange Veterinary Hospital and the branches: Hawarden Park Veterinary Centre; Alyn Veterinary Centre; Brunswick Veterinary Surgery; Quay Veterinary Centre and Station House Veterinary Centre.

By registering with the practices you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you have any queries about them please contact the surgery for clarification.

To book an appointment please visit

Surgery Opening Times

All surgeries are by APPOINTMENT ONLY

Grange Veterinary Hospital – Mold (01352 700087)
Monday to Friday: 8.50am-10am, 11am-12.30pm, 2pm-4pm, 5pm-6.30pm
The surgery is open from 8.45am-6.30pm for collection of medicines
Saturday: 8.50am-10am 4pm-6pm

Alyn Veterinary Centre – Flint (01352 734380)
Monday-Friday: 9am-10am, 4pm-6.30pm

Brunswick Veterinary Surgery – Buckley (01244 549983)
Monday-Friday: 9am-10am, 4pm-5.30pm

Hawarden Park Veterinary Centre – Hawarden (01244 509711)
Monday-Friday: 9am-10am, 5pm-6.30pm

Quay Veterinary Centre – Connah’s Quay (01244 822811)
Monday-Friday: 9am-10am, 4pm-6.30pm

Station House Veterinary Centre (01244 661477)
Monday-Friday: 9am-10am, 5pm-6.30pm


24 Hour Emergency Service

We are available for emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all of our registered clients. If you have an EMERGENCY when the surgery is closed, call the usual number 01352 700087. This will take you through to the out of hours member of staff. The staff will ask for details of the emergency and contact the on-call veterinary surgeon if required. If your pet needs to see the on-call veterinary surgeon outside our normal opening hours an additional charge will be made, currently £127.05 for an out of hours consultation for our registered patients.


Should it be necessary to hospitalise your pet in the hospital (pets are not hospitalised in any of the branch surgeries), they will be checked on a regular basis by the duty member of staff. The frequency and timing of the checks will be appropriate to the condition of your pet. A member of staff is onsite at all times.

Home visits

The best facilities for the treatment of your pet are at the hospital, where we have the equipment and staff to give your pet a higher level of attention. We recommend that, where possible, you bring your pet to the surgery for an appointment. If this is not possible and a home visit is more appropriate, please call the surgery to request a visit. Please give us as much notice as possible because visiting pets takes much longer than at the surgery and we may not have a veterinary surgeon available to accommodate your request. In view of the time taken for home visits, there is an additional charge made.

Prescriptions and Repeat Prescriptions

All Veterinary Practices are required to strictly adhere to current legislation. Your veterinary surgeon may only prescribe prescription medication (POM-Vs) for animals under their care. It is a legal requirement that the veterinary surgeon has examined the pet within the last 3-6 months depending on the health condition concerned. There is a consultation charge for this examination. Should you require a repeat prescription
for your pet please give us AT LEAST 48 hours notice. Our staff will check the records and either make you an appointment for your pet to be seen, or arrange to dispense the medication. We endeavour to be as competitive as possible on prices of the medicines we dispense. You may buy POM-V medication from alternative sources by requesting a written prescrption. These are available for a prescription charge. A written prescription is not appropriate for an animal which is an inpatient or if immediate or urgent treatment is necessary.

Pet Insurance

Grange Veterinary Hospital strongly supports the principle of insuring your pet against unexpected illness or injury. Please ask our trained insurance advisors for further information. It remains your responsibilty to choose a policy that provides the level of cover you require-please read the small print very carefully. Any fees not settled in full by the insurance company and excesses on the policy remain the responsibility
of the client.


All fees, diets and medicine charges are subject to VAT at the current rate. Fee levels are determined by the time spent on a case and according to the medicines, materials and consumables used. If requested, you will receive a detailed fee breakdown for every consultation, surgical procedure or transaction with us. We accept card payments (either in person or over the phone) and cash, however we are unable to offer credit.

Missed Appointments

Please give at least 24 hours notice if you cannot attend your appointment to avoid a consultation fee.

Settlement Terms

All accounts should be settled in full at the end of the consultation, on the discharge of your pet, or on collection of medicine or diet foods. Any accounts not settled in full by the end of the month (even if the account is part of an insurance claim) will receive a statement. Overdue accounts may be referred to our debt collection agency which may incur additional fees and lead to County Court action. If payment terms are not met, the practice reserves the right to withhold routine treatments, goods and services until full payment is completed.

Estimates of treatment costs

We will be happy to provide you with a written estimate as to the probable costs of a course of treatment or procedure or operation. Please bear in mind that any estimate given can only be approximate- often a pet’s illness will not follow a conventional course. However we will do our best to keep you fully informed of costs during the course of the treatment and will do so if the expected fee is to be more than 20% greater than the original estimate. We will try to contact you on the contact numbers you have given us, if the costs are going to exceed the estimate, however, if you are not contactable we will treat the pet as necessary for the prevention of pain and/or suffering.

Return of Medicines

We are unable to accept any unused medication for a refund because of legislation under the Veterinary Medicines Directorate. We can accept them from correct and safe disposal at no charge.


Grange Veterinary Hospital may contact you by letter, phone, text or email in order to advise you of the balance on your account, reminders of your pet’s preventative health care and any marketing which may be of benefit to your pet. Please inform us if you wish no contact to be made but be aware that this will remove our ability to send you any reminders. Reminders are sent as a complimentary service to our clients. Grange Veterinary Hospital accepts no liability for any loss, damage or costs which may result from the failure of a client to receive reminders.

Ownership of Records

Case records and digital radiographs are the property of and will be retained by Grange Veterinary Hospital. If you would like a copy of these records please contact the Practice Manager to arrange this. Copies, with a summary of the clinical history will be passed on to any other veterinary surgeon taking over the care of your pet, at the request of the veterinary surgeon. For insured clients, clinical histories are a standard
condition of insurance contracts and will be passed on to your company at the time of a claim or when requested by the company.

All personal and payment information is subject to and complies with the General Data Protection Regulations. Further details are included in our Practice Privacy Policy on our website at

Healthy Pet Club

Grange Vets Healthy Pet Club offers clients a conventient monthly option to pay for their pets‘ essential vaccinations, health checks, flea and worm treatments etc and provides a discount for neutering and dental procedures. We work with Easy Direct Debits who provide the facility to enable clients to make their monthly direct mdebit payments.

Membership of the scheme is for a minimum of 12 months, however if the plan is cancelled before the remewal date there may be a balance to pay for treatments and medcines that have exceded the value of the payments made. Veterinary services may be suspended in the event that an outstanding balance on a Healthy Pet Plan remains unpaid.


Grange Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing an outstanding standard of care and service. We provide ongoing training to all of our staff in all aspects of companion animal practice. We are an accredited practice under the Practice Standards Scheme run by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

We realise that sometimes things go wrong and there may be occasions when you feel your expectations were not met. When this happens we would like to hear about it so that we can try to put things right. Most problems can be sorted out quickly and easily at the time they arise.
If your complaint cannot be resolved at the time, please contact the Practice Manager, either by letter or by email to We ask you to put the complaint in writing to enable us to investigate it more thoroughly. We will acknowledge your complaint and inform you when you should expect a reply. We will investigate it by talking to the staff involved to find out what happened and what went wrong. We will then make sure you are informed of the outcome and we will do what we can to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again. We are always striving to improve our standards.

Although we always endeavour to respond to a complaint within 7 working days of receipt sometimes this is not possible. In such an instance a member of the team will contact you to update you on the progress of your complaint.

If you are not happy with the outcome, you are always welcome to approach the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to inform them of your complaint.

Customer Feedback

We look forward to working with you to keep your pet healthy and happy but, if at any time you have concerns or suggestions, please let us know. We welcome your feedback and can assure you that any issues raised will be appropriately addressed. Please email your comments to or use one of our suggestion / comments cards available from our meet and greet or reception areas.

You can also use our online ‘Get in Touch‘ facility on our website at to send us a message, call or visit us.