Dear pet owners,

We know you’re anxious at the moment – we are a little, too. We are keen to ensure that we can take care of your pet’s health and wellbeing, whilst being mindful of the movement restrictions in place during the COVID 19 pandemic.

We are now only seeing emergency cases face-to-face but we are trying to provide as much of our service as possible to you via video apps and to avoid any unnecessary contact. Wherever possible, we will dispense medication (including prescription-only medicines) on the basis of these video consultations.


What platforms can I use for these consultations?

Although there are several dedicated vet video apps on the market, we haven’t yet found one that is particularly reliable or better than the video calling apps that we all use on a day to day basis.

Grange Consults

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For those of you with iPhones and iPads, Apple’s Facetime is probably the easiest. If you use Android devices, we can use Whatsapp. alternatively, we can use Facebook messenger – we just need to know your Facebook name – if you wish to use this method, please click here to visit ‘Grange Consults’ on Facebook and add us as a friend.

To book a video consult with one of our Vets, please call 01352 700087 so you can be triaged by our Reception Team. They will pass your pet’s details on to a Veterinary Surgeon who will call you back. We have infection control measures in place at Grange Veterinary Hospital to minimise any unnecessary physical contact between you and our staff, to keep all of us safe in this difficult time, so that if your pet does need medication you can safely come to our Hospital in Mold and collect it.

How are video consultations charged for?

Video consultations are charged at our normal Consultation / Professional time fee of £35.50. If you are a member of our excellent Healthy Pet Club, remember that you get two free of charge consultations per year, and a video consultation can be used instead.

If the Veterinary Surgeon deems that your pet needs a follow up physical examination, then the fee for the video consultation is waived.

Rest assured – we are here for you. If your pet needs treatment, Grange Veterinary Hospital is here to provide it.

Stay safe

Dr Andy Wignall
Practice Principal

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