PDSA PetAid is a charitable organisation that helps you pay for the cost of your pet’s treatments.

If you receive financial help with your housing costs you might be entitled to receive help to pay for your pet’s veterinary care.

The charity PDSA PetAid provides a basic range of veterinary care, free of charge, to all domestic pets such as dogs, cats and other small creatures. Also, should your pet ever require an emergency operation or treatment, the cost for that will be covered by the UK based charity too.

Only one pet per household may be registered and will qualify for PDSA PetAid, and a donation to the PDSA is expected each time a pet requires treatment. This is not the equivalent of an insurance policy as it provides basic veterinary care only. It does not cover the cost of our out of hours service, referral to specialists and various laboratory tests.

However, PDSA PetAid does provide peace of mind. You’ll know your pet will always receive the same exemplary standards Grange Veterinary Hospital can provide – preventing your pet from suffering and ensuring they enjoy a healthy life for years to come.

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